This Is How You Make Your Own Healthy Sushi!

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Sushi sind schon lange im Trend und das absolut zu Recht
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Sushi has been a food trend for more than 10 years, and with good reason. It is delicious, low-cal, and healthy.

You love sushi, and would like to make it yourself, because it’s a perfect snack? This is where you’ll learn how to make homemade sushi. You’ll have a healthy, saturating meal or takeaway for on the go in no time!

What do you need for your homemade sushi?

Ingredients per serving (7-8 pieces):

  • 1 Nori sheet (seaweed leaf) - usually they are packaged as 6-8 pieces, you can buy them in any larger supermarket
  • 125 g of cooked rice (about 60 g raw) - ideally round grain rice
  • Filling: carrot, cucumber, avocado - either just one type of vegetable, or mixed. If you want it to be "non-vegetarian", use e.g. smoked salmon
  • A pinch of salt, a pinch of sugar
  • A small bowl with cold water, mixed with 1 tablespoon vinegar
  • Soy sauce and wasabi paste (hot)

How to roll your homemade sushi:

  1. Cut the vegetables into thin strips (approx. 0.5 cm in diameter)
  2. Place the Nori sheet on top. Use a little vinegar water to moisten the leaf with your hands.
  3. Spread the rice over it, and press firmly until compact. Leave 2 centimeters space on the upper side.
  4. Place the vegetables on the lower third, and roll them in - really tight. Rock the finished roll back and forth a few times with a bit of pressure.
  5. Cut the roll into 1.5 cm thick slices with a sharp knife. Enjoy with soy sauce and a little wasabi paste!

Enjoy your homemade tasty sushi!

What kind of filling do you like best in your homemade sushi? I'm looking forward for comments!

Oh, and one very important note: "Please don’t overeat, sushi can be addictive!" ;)





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