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Not Just Popular, but Also Super Delicious: Nice Cream

If you’re interested in healthy eating, it’s likely that you have discovered how delicious vegan ice cream can be made from a few ripe bananas. Nice Cream is the new vegan trend based on frozen bananas. You may have seen them on instagram. Amazing towers of gloriously perfect banana ice cream, stacked feet high, against all laws of gravity. Lovers of the ice cold pleasure won't get around trying it for themselves. Not surprising, since bloggers come up with the wildest creations that blow your mind - and taste buds.

It’s amazing how much this vegan version tastes like “the real thing“. It seems like an indulgence, but it is in fact nothing more than plain fruit. I always keep a few bags of frozen bananas in the freezer, so that I can prepare a big bowl of this delicious treat at any time.

How to Make Your Own Nice Cream in Only a Couple of Minutes

Whoever defined, what is a decent time for some ice cream, and what isn't? I love to have a big batch of Nice Cream for breakfast! It is a pleasure that comes without feelings of guilt. Treat yourself with a bowl or two, in the morning, for lunch, or dinner, and whenever you feel like it.

The banality of a jammy sandwich simply can’t compete with this delicious vegan Nice Cream: Nice Cream doesn't just look appealing, it's also super healthy! It’s free of unnatural sugars, processed ingredients, animal products, and chemicals. Instead, this ice cream is rich in fibers and vitamins. Logical, as the main ingredient are bananas. But the very best thing: You don't even need an ice cream machine to make it! A good blender or mixer is more than enough. Yay!

Bananas are often demonized by low-carb advocates - to my utter incomprehension. I'm sure they'd change their mind in a heartbeat, after they've tried my Nice Cream Açai Bowl. In addition to the amazing taste, there are many health benefits that can be obtained from eating bananas! The delicious, creamy, and rich fruit contains all kinds of good things! Especially potassium, which is necessary for good nerve and muscle function.

The potassium in bananas can help prevent muscle cramps after exercise. Bananas also help your digestion, since they are high in fiber and act as a probiotic, stimulating the growth of friendly bacteria in the bowel. Bananas can even help to overcome depression due to their high levels of tryptophan, which is converted into serotonin, the happy-mood brain neurotransmitter. As you see, the fruit in the yellow jacket offers a lot more than just a natural fruit sugar rush.

Besides all of its nutritional benefits, Nice Cream is also extremely versatile. As yummy as the one-ingredient-version is, I love variety in my breakfast bowls. I could go crazy trying new combinations. No matter your choice, whether cocoa, strawberries, mango, or peanut butter and cinnamon - you can hardly go wrong. There are no limits to the imagination. Even if you don't like the taste of bananas, don't worry! Strong flavours like that of blueberries cover every hint of it.

Time to start freezing bananas, so that by tomorrow you are ready to make your own! The nanalicious pleasure always starts with choosing the right fruit: You want them to be ripe and spotty for extra creamy results and sweetness. For one portion, take two of them, and cut them into slices. Place them into a sealable freezer bag or tupperware, and leave them in the freezer overnight. The next day, mix or blend them with about 100 ml of plant milk until creamy. From here on, you can get creative, and pimp your Nice Cream with anything you like!  Here are two of my favorite recipes that will guide you on your way into the world of healthy ice cream.


Recipe 1: Nice Cream Açai Bowl

Açai, currently Brazil's hottest export (besides Gisele Bündchen), is rocking this berry-infused Nice Cream creation. Similar in looks to the blueberry, the açai berry is a small, round fruit. Açai has a unique taste that resembles a mix between chocolate and berries yet it isn't very sweet.

It contains high levels of antioxidants, is low in sugar, but contains excellent amounts of iron, calcium, fiber, and vitamin A. It is quite a unique berry, because it contains a small amount of unsaturated fat - which is beneficial to many of your body's functions.

As you see, only good comes from this healthy ice cream treat. So let's get blending!

Ingredients: (1 serving)

  • 3 frozen bananas 
  • 1 cup of strawberries 
  • 2 tbsp powdered açai 
  • 2 Dates, without seed
  • 1/4 cup plant-based milk or water 
  • a pinch of salt
  • Topping: granola, banana, strawberries, cocoa nibs, coconut flakes


  1. Put all ingredients into your blender and blend, or use a bowl and hand mixer. Be patient, it might seem like it will never get creamy, but stick with it!
  2. Pour your Nice Cream into a bowl, and top it with whatever you feel like. 
  3. Nice Cream Devour!

Recipe 2: Matcha Nice Cream

Matcha is a luxurious powdered green tea of, Japanese origin. The powder can be used to brew a green tea rich in antioxidants, or in recipes like smoothies or cupcakes.

While matcha contains the same amount of caffeine as other types of tea, the specific molecular makeup the caffeine in matcha is known to create calmness without drowsiness. So really, nothing speaks against spicing up your Nice Cream with a teaspoon or two of matcha!

Matcha, is supposed to boost your metabolism and help you burn calories, it detoxifies effectively and naturally, while having a relaxing effect on mind and body. No matter if it's a cup of tea, or a bowl of healthy ice cream, matcha adds to your treat with many benefits and a beautiful color. Try it yourself and you will be amazed.

Ingredients: (1 serving)

  • 3 frozen bananas 
  • 1 cup of pineapple 
  • 1 tbsp matcha tea 
  • 1 tbsp agave syrup 
  • 1/4 cup of plant-based milk or water 
  • a pinch of salt
  • Topping: bananas and more fruit, coconut chips, goji berries 


  1. Put all ingredients into your blender and blend, or use a bowl and hand mixer. Be patient, it might seem like it will never get creamy, but stick with it!  
  2. Pour your Nice Cream into a bowl, and top it with whatever you feel like. 
  3. Matche Nice Cream Enjoy!




Vegan ice cream - It is your turn!

I hope today is a super sunny day und you are enjoying it with a big bowl of Nice Cream! Learn more about veganism and find yummy recipes over on my blog (LINK). Please leave me a comment, and tell me how you liked this article!

See you soon, Jennifer (;

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