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5 Tips for Your Diet Motivation - So You Stay 100% on the Ball!

You want to start a diet, and already doubt whether you can go through with it, and question your motivation? Absolutely understandable - it’s a common occurrence: once started, the diet motivation lasts exactly until the next cozy tv session, and the crisps are on the table - just this once - or during a stressful working day, when there’s only time for a quick bite of fast food.

It doesn’t need to happen to you: Here are five tips to keep your diet motivation high.

Tip 1: Style your diet food !

The first bite is with the eye - not just an empty saying, but a fact that can have a better effect on your diet motivation than you might think! The prettier the food is, the better it tastes.

While on a diet, a lot of people struggle with the idea that a hearty meal would taste much better right now than the vegetables on the plate. Here’s what will help: Get your vegetable dish in shape! A colorful vegetable dish looks more delicious than just a bunch of greens, and scattered fresh herbs give the whole thing a style kick.

The sight of your food already makes you feel like your diet portion won’t fill you up? Abandon this thought! Fill your small portion into a pretty bowl or a glass, and you won’t have the feeling that there’s way too small a portion on your large plate.

If the food is nicely cut and garnished, it’s usually also eaten slower, in order not to destroy the work of art so quickly. The fruity breakfast in the photo has very few calories and doesn't look like a diet, but more like a real breakfast highlight, don’t you think?

Tip 2: Be prepared for snack attacks!

Discipline is high during the day, but in the evening, the couch announces the munchies, and your diet motivation starts to dwindle. In order for you not to become weak and reach the bag of chips, simply make sure you have a healthy alternative within reach.

You're the snack type “Savoury Chips”?

Cut fresh vegetables such as peppers, zucchini, or carrots into strips. Treat yourself to a delicious yogurt dip (yogurt with plenty of fresh, chopped herbs and a splash of lemon juice) for the vegetable sticks, and your snack is ready.

You're the snack type “Chocolate”?

A plate of fresh pieces of fruit is diet-compatible, and makes you just as happy! Diced pineapple, melon, grapes, plus some skewers for picking them up, how does that sound? In contrast to a massive portion of chips, you’ll notice how much fitter you’ll feel after these healthy snacks, and your diet motivation will receive a really big boost.

Tip 3: Diary for the diet motivation

Keep a diary of your successes! If your diet motivation threatens to drop off, have a read in your diary and visualize the great things you have already achieved. A weekly weight check is ideal.

Record your weight in the diary, but also other successes and challenges that you have mastered. How did you gain new diet motivation? Write it down!

When you visit the outdoor swimming pool, and instead of indulging on iced coffee with whipped cream, you munch on the pineapple you brought along, it’s worth mentioning, and reminds you while reading that you have managed before and will manage again and again - you have this diet motivation in you!

Tip 4: Reward yourself regularly for your diet motivation!


Weight loss should be fun, and the diet motivation will only be maintained if you also reward yourself regularly for your perseverance. Once a week, allow yourself something that doesn’t belong to the diet: a piece of chocolate, a cup of coffee, or a portion of French fries. After all, your diet motivation for conscious eating should be sustainable. If you eat healthy, you can also allow yourself some slack, without fearing that the figure will suffer.


Tipp 5: Tell them about it!

As the saying goes: "Do good and talk about it". You can really boast about your diet plan. The decision to do something good for the body is great - just as great as a relaxing holiday, which anyone will gladly tell you about.

Things that are spoken out loud feel committal. A best friend can even remind you lovingly of your plans, if your diet motivation is at a low point. Certainly you will get praise from the confidants, as soon as the first successes become visible. Pure diet motivation, right?

Were the right tips for you here ?

I hope I was able to help you with these tips on long-term diet motivation. You’re not alone with the struggle, diet motivation sometimes disappears - but you have a solution now, you can jumpstart your motivation immediately, and thereby achieve long-lasting success.

Which tips helped you the most? Why don’t you leave us a short feedback. Maybe you even have some tips for us! Then leave them in a comment =). 

We are happy to hear from you. 


Love, your Bernadette.



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