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Christmas is just around the corner, and with it all the sweet little things and hearty dishes we've been looking forward to for months. Of course, all these treats also have a dark side: after a few days of gluttony, we’ll be dragging a few kilos of excess weight into the new year. Alas, it doesn’t need to be that way! The solution is simple:
Bring on the healthy, yet delicious substitutes for Christmas goodies!

We all know that the holidays are made for feasting. It probably wouldn’t be the same without rich desserts and a glass of festive wine here and there. Unfortunately, these calories usually end up on the hip, and stay put for a while. The pounds accumulate over the years ... Unnecessarily! Knowing the right substitute for Christmas treats will help you skirt those extra kilos, and you’ll still have fun in the holidays!

So how can we make it into the New Year without the extra pounds?

Strike the biggest calorie bombs off the menu!

Sure, you’ll feel snug as a bug in your oversized Christmas sweater. But don’t be deceived. Calories also count on Christmas! So try to keep an eye on the number of calories you eat, and don’t forget: A healthy, active woman consumes a daily average of 2,000 calories, a man 3,000. Anything above this won’t do the bikini body any favours. Need some stats? 9,000 calories equate to one kilo of fat.

Now we know the source of all evil, but what can we do about it?

The solution: Healthy substitutes for Christmas treats.

Here are five simple ideas that will make a huge difference!

Calorie Bomb #1: Mulled wine

300 kcal per cup of mulled wine?! That's way too much! The best thing to do is to change to a non-alcoholic alternative, because it has only 80 kcal per cup, and won’t prevent you from hitting the gym the next morning.

Calorie Bomb #2: Meat!

Reduce the amount of meat on your diet, or even better: strike it off entirely! Switch to completely plant based meals instead. We eat far too much meat, especially during the holidays. This isn’t only bad for our health, but also for the environment and animals.

Here is an idea for a wonderful vegan Christmas menu!

Calorie Bomb #3: Candied Nuts

The smell is certainly seductive, but as soon as you remember that 100 g of candied nuts has 500 calories, you might lose your appetite. Of course, sweet nuts and roasted snacks generally have many calories. So it’s a good idea to exchange them for hot chestnuts and natural nuts.

Calorie Bomb #4: Lush desserts

It’s the holidays, so you don’t have to reject the dessert with a heavy heart. Take it easy, and serve low-calorie varieties. This doesn’t seem easy in this cold weather, but think of a tasty sorbet topped with winter fruits such as pomegranate and oranges. Sounds delicious? It is! And what are thick sweaters and heating for?

Calorie Bomb #5: Christmas cookies

I think baking cookies is a wonderful tradition in the holiday season. If not the very best! But remember not to gorge yourself on the sweet and tasty treats, because the only thing they contribute to your diet is a lot of sugar. Instead, try raw vegan snacks, or swap the cookies for nuts and fruit.

Here are some ideas for vegan Christmas pastries that you can enjoy (almost) without regret.

As you can see, finding a substitute for Christmas treats is not hard at all!

The key to success is ultimately to eat healthy and practise being aware of the size of your portions, throughout the holiday period and beyond. Learn to make the right decisions. They allow you to enjoy the feast, and to protect yourself from ingesting too much fat and sugar. This keeps unwanted kilos at bay, and you’re ready to enter the new year! Of course you should also be active over Christmas. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to spend the holidays in the gym. How about a nice, long winter walk instead? Especially with a lovely hot chocolate as a reward!

We wish you a light and peaceful Christmas time!

I hope I could show you the biggest Christmas calorie traps, so you can ride out the Christmas feasts with the fewest calories possible.

Your Jen =)


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