Leckere und leichte Salate frisch zubereiten

3 delicious recipe ideas for unusual salads

Melanie Klien - Ernährung

Do you also know that urge for something fresh and easy?

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Welche sind die perfekten Nahrungsmittel für dein Workout

Eat right for your Workout!

Lara Marie - Ernährung

Which food should be part of an athlete's diet, and how do I prepare it so it tastes great?

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Schnelle Rezepte gemeinsam leicht zubereiten

Fast and Healthy Recipes for Dinner

Jennifer Valdés - Ernährung

How to prepare fast and healthy recipes for the evening, and still be able to feast in the lap of luxury!

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Leckere Grillrezepte für die nächste BBQ-Party

Vegan BBQ - It Can Be So Easy

Jennifer Valdés - Ernährung

A BBQ without meat? Impossible! Or is it... Yes, a winter barbecue is very much in fashion.

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Fit through the Christmas Feast - with the Right Tips

Jennifer Valdés - Ernährung

You can easily skid through the festive season with healthy alternatives. We show you the greatest sins.

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Leckere vegane Weihnachtsplätzchen, die den Klassikern nichts nachstehen

Sweet Advent - These Christmas Cookies Are Vegan!

Jana Mironowitz - Ernährung

Vegan Christmas Cookies taste boring? I'll prove you wrong!


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The Lebepur Bio-Bar - a Healthy Flavour Miracle!

Sophie Lotta - Ernährung

Whether PROTEIN BAR, ENERGY BAR or BIO-BAR. The choice is huge.

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Fruchtpapier von Dörrwerk ist ein gesunder Snack

Dörrwerk Fruit Paper - Every Fruit Is Beautiful

Lara Schreiber - Ernährung

Looking for healthy and vegan snacks? Give fruit paper a try.

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Leckere und gesunde Snacks perfekt für zwischendurch oder unterwegs

Healthy Nibbles - Snacking without Remorse

Jana Mironowitz - Ernährung

Healthy snacks without remorse? We show you three yummy recipes for the bite on the go.

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MyMuesli to Go – Available in Your Dots- Shop

Anna Huber - Ernährung

What would life be without Muesli? It's the perfect breakfast, dinner or a great snack in between.

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