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Wir zeigen euch die besten Fitness Blogs

Learn from experienced fitness bloggers. We show you the 6 best fitness and lifestyle blogs

The path to a fit and healthy self can be a real hurdle race. It goes up and down, and small and large obstacles must be overcome, time and time again. On some days, everything goes smoothly, and you wonder why it can’t always be this easy. The good news: Everybody feels this way. Many have trodden this path before us, or are now in the same boat. A lot of knowledge has already been gained, and just as many preventable mistakes have been made. Luckily, there are courageous people who share their experiences, and help us to improve a little every day: Fitness Bloggers!

You’re reading this article, so you’re already on a good path! You have decided to work on yourself! This is the first step. Maybe you’re already "old hands", and are looking for inspiration to add some variety to your training, or need motivation to overcome a low. Whatever might be driving you, these guys and girls have already done it, or are right in the middle of it. They share their experiences and knowledge with us. And you don’t need to book an expensive course, or hire a personal trainer for this. Some of these bloggers are educated nutritionists, professional athletes, or fitness trainers.

They all have one thing in common: they write the best fitness and lifestyle blogs that the web has to offer! We face hundreds of questions when we’re confronted with a new device in the gym, want to buy new running shoes in the Nike Store, inspect ourselves critically in the mirror, or don’t know how to squeeze in our training between all the feasts and lazy beach days on holiday. Don’t worry, from now on you’ll know where to find the answers!

I've created an overview of the six best fitness and lifestyle blogs that will help you in almost any situation!

The Lifestyle Blog „Berries and Passion“

By Nina Radmann

On her blog "Berries and Passion", Vienna-native Nina tells stories about the beautiful things of life, while remaining very close to reality. The blogger has been writing about fashion, fitness, and good, healthy food since 2011. As one of the best fitness and lifestyle blogs, Nina’s site offers a lot of sporty fashion tips, inspiration for training, mental exercises, and motivational articles. It’s not enough for Nina to be active and eat healthy. She wants to motivate and inspire other people to live healthier as well.

Her article on "Slow Living" is wonderful. In it, Nina explains how to leave the everyday stress behind, and to experience any given moment better and more relaxed. Not only does she advise us to sleep long enough, and to seek out nature more often. Sport and meditation also play a role. Nina is especially taken with yoga, which helps her to slow down. But take a look at Nina yourself, and see how much passion she puts into her blog.

Fitness and Lifestyle Inspiration with „Janne in Wonderland“

By Janne

Janne, a fitness blogger living in Germany, is enthusiastic about sports, fashion, and travel. She knows how to harmonize her passions like no other, which you can see for yourself on her blog "Janne in Wonderland". She has written inspiring articles Since 2011, and hits the mark: enthusiastic fans of her blog come from the USA, Germany, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, and even China.

Beautiful Janne takes the topic of fitness to a new level: Spartan Race in May 2016, HIIT Training, Leg Day Inspiration - all on one website. But she also knows her way around a healthy diet! Her colorful Smoothie creations make you want to head straight to the market, and carry home a large fruit basket just to taste all the recipes. Janne also has a flair for fashion! But see for yourself, and visit one of the best fitness and lifestyle blogs: "Janne in Wonderland".

Easy-Going and Downright Charismatic: The Fitness Blog „Fit Trio“

by Louisa Tellert

"Fit Trio" by Louisa Tellert, alias Lou, definitely ranks high among the best fitness and lifestyle blogs. On her blog, she and her partner Jan are always posting workouts, healthy recipes, and tips for a sporty, conscious lifestyle. Lou tells you how to regularly do something good for your body and fitness, and why it is wrong to emulate foreign body images.

It all started with an Instagram account, whose number of followers shot up quickly. Soon, the followers’ many questions became unmanageable, and it was clear: A blog had to be set up! This was followed by the website, the first own bootcamp, and a workout guide that motivates and inspires to have fun with sport. On her website, Lou is not only concerned with general fitness and posting great recipes. At "Team Bodylove", she focusses mainly on topics that specifically concern women, such as unpleasant situations during sports, and the buzzword “anti-diet”. This makes Lou stand out from many other fitness bloggers, and she definitely operates one of the best fitness and lifestyle blogs.

Looking Good Naked with „Marathon Fitness“

By Mark Maslow

A blog that caused quite a stir online as well as offline, is Marathon Fitness. Penned by Mark Maslow, the blog is packed with useful articles on fat burning, muscle building, motivation, and nutrition. The certified fitness coach and communication trainer provides step-by-step solutions that can be implemented immediately. His articles are filled with knowledge, yet they’re easy to understand, because his aim is to make scientific knowledge available to everyone. It’s an immediate motivator to pack your gym shoes and get started!

Marathon Fitness is designed to harmonize body and mind, and to manage life better. The ever-growing community of "Stickwithits", as Mark calls his followers, is also helpful. The community already has more than 20,000 members, and it’s growing steadily. Maybe you’ll soon be part of it?!

The Tongue-In-Cheek Fitness Blog: „Fitness on Toast“

by Faya Nilsson

The Swedish-English fitness trainer Faya has been publishing healthy and unusual recipes, fitness tips, workout ideas, and fitness fashion trends on "Fitness on Toast" since 2013. A lot has happened since the beginning of her blogging career, and Faya has already been featured by Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and Women's Health. Nevertheless, "Fitness on Toast" remains her main project. Through her work as a fitness trainer, she is always up close to the latest trends and developments on the market, and nonchalantly helps her readers find their own way to a better body image.

If you are wondering about the name of her blog, here’s the story of the pun: When Faya moved from Stockholm to London, the diet plans of her former clients showed her just how many meals were served on toast in her new home: cheese on toast, eggs on toast, beans on toast. She thought it would be time to finally serve fitness on toast. Her success proves her right!

Fit through the Internet with„Jules Vogel“

by Jules Vogel

True to the motto "Healthy, fit and happy", Julia aka "Jules Vogel" blogs about healthy nutrition, sports, fashion, and beauty. She describes herself as a lifestyle blogger, which fits perfectly. She candidly tells stories of her everyday life, shows which role sports plays in her life, writes about self-discovery and her fears - without exaggerating. This makes the young blogger very charismatic.

Julia is able to informally inspire and motivate you to do sports, because she writes from her own experience: her fitness journey began with the desire to lose a few superfluous pounds. Lucky for us, she decided to blog about it, and provide us with great workout ideas! One of my favorite "Jules Vogel" articles is about how HIIT workouts can be implemented outside the gym. For more information, please visit: "Full body workout times three". This is definitely one of the best fitness and lifestyle blogs!

I hope this article has made you curious, and you’ll have a look at these blogs!

Mir selbst dienen sie als wunderbare Inspirationsquelle, besonders was Workouts und Rezeptideen angeht! Und wenn du schon dabei bist, besuch mich doch auch mal auf meinem Blog!

Best wishes,



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