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36 degrees and it’s getting hotter! When temperatures are reaching tropical levels, we start to daydream about sparkling party nights, suntanned skin and cooling off in gorgeous pools. We can’t deny it: Summer is here and with it, the hottest trends of the year!

If you are still in the middle of your beach body training, you might be taken by surprise by the sudden heat. But no worries! We got your back and collected the 10 must have items for the summer trends 2017! Our favorite pieces will make you keep a cool head and look fantastic!

Don't miss out on this summer’s basics! Everything you need to know is just a click away!

Be the star of the pool party with the Unicorn Pool Float”

The absolute centerpiece of the next pool party is found and will be met with amazed eyes by both kids and adults. Catch the unicorn trend wave and sip colorful drinks on this jazzy pool float. Wether your are enjoying your magical ride in the hotel pool or salty beach waters, with this must have item for the summer trends 2017 you will definitely leave a lasting impression.

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The perfect companion for this festival summer: The new Instax Mini 9

She fits in every pocket and manages to shoot and print perfect selfies and snapshots in the twinkling of an eye: The Instax Mini 9! The tiny camera has so much to offer: Awesome colors, great extra features such as a selfie mirror and a highly practical hand strap. All of this in a flashing design. This little buddy really leaves no room for desires! Perfect for the next instant film safari!

One for all: Coconut oil by Artnaturals is this summer’s absolute beauty must have!

Celebrities have been preaching us for a while about the ultimate magic cure provided right by mother nature: Coconut oil fixes brittle hair, chapped lips, dry skin and one or the other issue. What seems to be the holy grail of natural beauty remedies actually provides you with the extra dose of moisture taken from you by the blazing sun and aggressive salt water. By the way, coconut oil is said to be a great natural sun blocker. But at this point, we are not really surprised!

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The health guru amongst the 10 must have items for the summer 2017: The ultimate detox bottle by Aquavera

She convinces us with her posh design and impressive inner values (literally speaking): The detox bottle by Aquavera comes with a removable infuser, which can be loaded with fresh fruit and veggies to transform boring water into a refreshing summer drink. This bottle is perfect for the gym, leakproof and perfectly handles both hot and cool beverages. Aquavera is an excellent detox partner: The only bottle that motivates you day by day to do the best for yourself and your body.

As the temperatures are rising, it gets more and more important to have enough water! You should at least manage 2-3 liters per day and this awesome little tool helps you to reach that goal. The detox bottle by Aquavera reminds you with every sip to drink enough. Just fill it up and get started!

The leakproof Spigen phone case for stress-free bathing fun

Ready for the next trip to the beach, your bikini fits perfectly and the Unicorn Pool Float iis inflated? Of course you want to let the whole world of social media know, that you are having a brilliant day. Too bad that the cool wet can be fatal for your smartphone! But don’t worry about it, we have the solution:The leakproof smartphone case by Spigen gives you time to relax while shooting pretty awesome footage. It even serves its purpose under water!

Your new workout partner: Coumi Wireless Headphones for more fun in the gym

Messy cables are a thing of the past. Wether you are sweating in the gym or training for a marathon, you are going to love this must have item! Leave your phone on the bench while pushing through your reps. From now on your hands will be free for the important stuff.

Coumi convinces with rocking sound quality and elegant in-ear design. Don't hesitate and get yourself a pair. It will forever change the way you work out!

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Homemade! Create the most delicious ice cream with the Krups Perfect Mix Ice Machine

Sweet, creamy, fruity or with a crunch: The combinations are sheer endless. But we do know one thing for sure: Homemade is still best. The Krups Perfect Ice Machine allows you to lay back and relax while it is doing all the work for you. Fresh and natural ice cream without the hassle.

The game trend for quick fingers: The triple spinner by Vapiao

The biggest summer fun for young and old! You see them in every hand: Spinners are great for stress relief and serve as fun gimmick. This stylish must have item fits in every pocket and already has massive cult factor. Get yourself one and know what the fuss is about!

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Walking on clouds: The Birkenstock Model Gizeh carries you through the summer

Yesterday a no-go, today absolute fashion must have. No summer outfit is complete without a pair of Birkenstocks! The comfortable everyday companion “Made in Germany” can be found on the feet of every fashionable sun worshipper.

They are not just comfy, but also looking great. In a variety of trendy colors and designs, there will definitely be the right one for you! But our favorite is undeniably the footbridge model Gizeh in a shiny metallic look! These sandals guarantee you a trendy entrance into every summer party!

A reliable travel buddy: The Herschel Dovel Bag

Ready for the next weekend trip or still searching for a good-looking companion? The Dovel Bag by Herschel is an allrounder and works well as hand luggage or day trip bag.

The stylish Herschel Dovel Bag with tropical print doesn't just look good. It wins our hearts with durability and a bunch of features. As an internationally recognized brand, Herschel produces high-quality bags, with an eye for detail. This bag is without doubt one of the top 10 must have items for the summer 2017 and will make you happy for years!

We wish you a lot of fun with these summer trends 2017!

Thanks for your interest and for making it all the way to the end of this article! If you are up for it, come and visit me over on my blog Vegan Nomad Life.

Best, Jen!


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