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So bleibt man fit und schlank im Urlaub
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Savour your fitness on vacation with these important tips

Finally, the day is here: Holiday! You can’t wait to lounge in the sun, enjoy your free time and dig into some great food. Suddenly you remember that you gained 3 kilos last year, and weren’t exactly healthy and fit during your last vacation. Losing those kilos again took forever, and you didn’t exactly feel good about it. But at the time, the poolside lounger was just so comfortable, and the food so delicious...

Don’t worry, you’re definitely not alone! After the summer holidays last year, I found out there had been a few calories too many, and I regretted that I hadn’t been more active. The holidays were over, two kilos more around the waist, and a nagging feeling of guilt that I found difficult to shake. As I whinged about it to my girls, they were very understanding, because I wasn’t alone. Apparently it’s easy to put on a little extra weight over the holidays, and nobody’s happy about it. So how do you stay fit on your vacation?

The good news: Nobody has to gain weight during the holidays. Things that stop the ominous needle of your scales from swinging too far right are a good attitude, sports with a fun-factor, and the right amount on your plate. This is how you stay fit on your vacation, don’t endanger your bikini body, and feel fit and happy, even after your vacation is over. And if you push through, you will be in better shape after the vacation than you were before! I’ve summarized how to reach this goal in the following important tips. So come on, what are you waiting for – stay fit on vacation!

The right attitude to stay fit on vacation

Steer your focus! What do I mean by that? Concentrate on doing something good for your body on vacation, liberate it from stress and find yourself – that’s how your body stays fit on vacation. If your goal is to stay fit on holiday and return in a happy state of mind, there won’t be anything standing in the way of the feel-good body, and you can work on yourself continuously. At the same time, the relaxation factor should play a large role on your vacation, so don’t overdo it. When you find the right balance that feels good for YOU, everything will be just fine.

Enjoyment and relaxation are part of a holiday, that much is clear. Just make sure that both stay in moderation, and you bring variety to your holiday!

Don’t be shy, meet new people, and try new adventures! Plan some activities, that way your vacation will be more exciting, you’ll be on your feet, and stay fit while on vacation.

Spending your entire trip thinking about your figure and counting calories is nothing but a waste of time! It is definitely not the most important thing. You should be happy, and if you are, and pay attention to your health, your body will stay fit on vacation as well.

Saving calories and eating healthy will help you stay fit on vacation

Now for the food, which worries many on vacation. It’s very easy to lose track of calorie consumption, or digging into unhealthy foods, without really noticing. Staying in control of food and thus keeping an eye on your weight will be easy, if you pay attention to a few tips and stick to a balanced diet.

More than often, it already helps to choose the salad or antipasti. Vegetables are not just fresh and crisp, they’re great for your figure and your complexion. Light meals, vegetarian, or vegan dishes are always a great choice in summer! They aren’t heavy on the stomach, so you’ll be productive in no time, and they are usually low in calories. In addition, you just feel better with great food. So, go forth and eat colourful and fresh!

The Dessert

If the dessert is winking at you, and you find it simply too irresistible, make a deal with yourself. Ok, I will indulge my sweet tooth right now. To make up for it, I’ll do a session in the hotel gym later on! It’s exactly what motivated me, and what kept me fit and happy on vacation. If the calories get burned in surplus, everything is hunky dory.

In addition, try to keep an eye on your portions. Choose the smaller plates at the buffet, eat slowly and relaxed, and just enough to feel full. Take your time and enjoy consciously, the sensation of satiety only sets in after about 20 minutes. The vacation is, therefore, the ideal moment to identify the signals your body is sending you, and to not overeat. You’ll also start noticing what an intense experience a meal can be, when you start to taste and enjoy every single ingredient.

Instead of the typical poolside ice cream, you could drop some fruits and nuts into your bag. They taste yummy, are refreshing, healthy, and you stay fit on vacation! You should also drink plenty of water. It’s best to always carry a bottle with you. Water is, by the way, also very effective for staying slim. If you drink a glass of water before a meal, you’ll be less hungry, and therefore eat less. A super trick!

The same applies here: Enjoy! You’re interested in a particular dish of a foreign cuisine, or you’re simply curious about a specialty? Don’t deny yourself the pleasure! Be safe in the knowledge, that you can balance it out again easily with a little exercise.

Careful with Alcohol!

You should generally abstain from alcohol, because alcohol contains a lot of calories and slows down your metabolism! In reality, however, this proves to be difficult, and a drink or two can be nice, especially on vacation. In that case, fall back on some low-calorie alternatives like Prosecco, or a white wine spritzer. It’s advisable to give sweet cocktails a wide birth, as they contain enormous amounts of sugar, and are therefore true calorie traps. While we’re on the subject: Water with lemon and mint tastes a lot better anyway, and isn’t just refreshing, but extremely tasty and stimulates the metabolism!

Be active!

Training? Dear God, I’m on holiday and need to relax! While that’s true, you can still stay sporty. You’ll quickly notice that swimming in the sea, or the awesome hotel pool, as well as jogging in a nice area is great fun!

Anyone can secure a lounger at the pool. Instead, how about an active day at the beach, or a walk through the alleyways around the hotel? This way, you can stay mobile, let your thoughts wander and stay fit on vacation at the same time.

Hotel Service, Apps, and More

Many hotels offer sports courses. Be it yoga, dancing or water aerobics – just go and register, try something new and get to know nice people at the same time. Often the hotel will have a gym that guests can use. Only the first ten minutes on the stepper are hard, after that it’s smooth sailing, believe me! Add some tums, bums, and thighs exercises, maybe some weights, and your mirror will thank you!

If there is no gym in the hotel, a workout in the hotel room will do just fine. There are many great apps, fitness magazines, or youtube videos that can assist you. You could, for example, introduce a morning yoga routine, for a great start in the day, and to stay fit on vacation.

Water always offers wonderful opportunities for sports activities, that keep you fresh, jolly and fit on vacation. And you usually encounter water on holiday – be it the pool, or the wonderful open ocean. Surfing is an adventurous battle against the elements, wind, water, and currents. It pushes you to your limits, but also pays off massively on your fitness account! Diving is exciting, but also relaxing and beautiful. Positive: You hardly need any equipment! Swimming cools you down and is a great sport to trim your body and burn calories! New sports like stand-up paddling are fun for sure and you will get to know something new! Go for it!

We usually like to get comfortable on vacation. We take the bus, and prefer using the elevator. Not anymore. This year, you will walk to the beach and are going to explore the island on foot! This way, you’re not just staying mobile, you also have the opportunity to discover beautiful places!

You should look out for:

If you’re training in a very sunny and warm area, don’t train in the blazing sun. Choose the shade for your sports activities, and try to train in the early morning or late evening hours. Make sure to avoid the midday heat. Sunscreen, the right clothing, and staying hydrated are a must!

If a healthy diet and plenty of water are important to you, you should enquire what kind of services the hotel offers before you book, so you can find the right place for you.



Many thanks for your attention !!!

This year, I paid attention to all the tips of how to stay fit on vacation. And what do you know, I weighed a kilo less, the body is in good shape and I feel better than ever! I hope I could help you and motivate you to stay fit on vacation as well! I wish you a wonderful, relaxed, and active holiday!

All my love, Lara from Lara Marie


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