Effective Stretching Exercises – at Home or at the Office

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Relieve Back Pain and Tension in 5 Minutes.

Hours of sitting at work, has its consequence. Many people are tense or even have back pain. Easy, but effective stretching exercises can help you release much of the tension, whether you are outdoors, at home, or in the office. What are effective stretching exercises?

Exercise 1: Child Pose in Bed

This very popular Yoga position can be, done in bed, and is especially useful when all you want to do is stay there. Sit down on your calves. Spread your knees slightly, and push your buttocks towards your heels. Rest your head gently on the bed, and stretch your arms out in front of you. Breathe in and out deeply, a couple of times, before returning to sitting position.

Exercise 2: Forward Bend

When you’ve made it out of bed, bend forwards and let yourself dangle. You can also gently sway from side to side. This will prepare your spine for the day. This exercise can be repeated a couple of times through-out the day. By the way, stretching helps against stress. You will feel much more relaxed afterwards.

Exercise 3: Side Stretch

Sit crossed-legged on the floor or on a mat. Take a deep breath. On exhale, first stretch your left arm over your head to the right, and feel how your ribs open up. Inhale again, and raise the right arm over to the left side on exhale. Stretch only as far as you feel comfortable.

Exercise 4: Reverse Namasté

You can practice this exercise either standing up, or sitting at your desk. If you do this exercise in a sitting position, try to sit as straight as possible. Place your feet parallel to each other, and slowly bring your hands behind your back. At the same time, your shoulders are rotated inwards. Keep an even breath while you try to touch the palms of your hands together, and push upwards along the spine. With this exercise, your breast bone is lifted, and the elbows are pulled back. Take a deep breath in and out, and gently release yourself from this position.

Exercise 5: Backbend

This exercise stretches the spine segment behind your chest backwards. Backbends are particularly good as the central part of the spine is stretched backwards. It also increases flexibility, and strengthens your back muscles. At the same time many other parts of your body are stretched. Move the pubic bone and the tail bone towards each other before going in the backbend, to protect your lower back. Hold this position, and take deep, even breaths. Release slowly. 

Child Pose in Bed, Forward Bend, Side Stretch, Reverse Namasté, and Backbends are effective stretching exercises, which you can do anytime, indoor or outdoor. Make sure to integrate a healthy living lifestyle, and to keep your body fit and healthy. Effective stretching exercises can assist you in the process, and a good Pilates (link) workout serves as great preventive!




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I hope you did a couple of these exercises while reading this article. I´ve made wonderful experiences incorporating these into my daily routine, and just had to share them with you. Visit my blog (LINK), or read my other 3dots articles for more helpful tips around fitness, yoga and relaxation.

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