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"Live every day as if it were your last" - one of Naomi's mottos

  • Name: Naomi de la Peña
  • Location: Achern
  • Age: 21
  • Hight: 158 cm
  • Instagram: @naomi_delapenia 

What are your hobbies?

I honestly have a lot of hobbies, because I really enjoy a lot of things. Way too much to list here. Generally speaking, it’s definitely in the realm of endurance and strength training, photography and singing.

What are your plans for the weekend?

I’m rarely at home, and I hardly ever plan my weekend, since I’m a veeeeery spontaneous person. But generally I will be out dancing, which is also one of my hobbies. I will spend time with my family, and you’ll probably find me in a shisha bar. =)

What have you always wanted to do?

Good question - in any case, I’ve always wanted to do something good for my environment. I know I can’t save the world. But I think if every human being did something good on a voluntary basis, it would be incredibly helpful for some people and animals.
That’s why I want to do something good. Another very important undertaking for me would be a round trip - I love to travel, which would be with another hobby of mine. =)
That’s why I’d like to go on a huge world trip.

What was your best holiday so far?

Every one of the holidays I’ve had so far was beautiful. The special thing about them was that I had always spent them with the right people. But one of the best holidays was definitely my first holiday, together with my girls on Mallorca.

How would you behave if you were the opposite sex for one day?

Phew, really difficult: D. I honestly don’t make a big difference between man and woman, for me both have the same rights. I think I would simply live out the intense ego of many men, and see how that feels. Oh, and I would go out partying as a man, to look at the whole thing from the male point of view.

Your favorite quote / motto?

Again, I have a lot of mottoes, which are very close to my heart - the most important ones are:

  • "Remember why you started." This is related to sport, whenever I'm unmotivated, I keep this sentence firmly in mind. When I feel that way, I always wonder why I actually started with it. Namely because I was DISSATISFIED! I wanted to change exactly that, and it’s for this reason that I started with sports and with the diet change.
  • "Live every day as if it were your last." - I have stopped worrying every day, and thinking too much. If I want to do something, I just do it. I don’t mince my mouth and am very direct. When I do something, I enjoy it to the fullest. Even though it may sound a bit pessimistic, it could be over any time, just like that, so you should be able to live the way you want every day.

Your favorite pickup line?

I don’t have any. : D
I’d honestly rather bring provocative teasing to the table, than blurting out some embarrassing pickup lines. A typical example would be: "Hey your eye color fits my bedding, you wanna stay over." - A total no-go!

Your most beautiful moment?

Every moment that I can enjoy with my family and friends. And every moment that I’m doing exactly what makes me happy. These are my best moments. Moments that particularly shaped my life were, for example, the births of my two siblings. And another special moment was on my 18th birthday. My best friend was in a clinic for several weeks because she had a stroke. These were really very bad weeks. One day before my birthday, she said she was going to Lake Constance to go to rehab. My thoughts were firmly with her. When I sat at lunch, totally immersed in thought, with my family with coffee and cake, she walked through our door. This was one of the most beautiful moments for me, because it was a really difficult time. I was just so relieved that she was doing well.

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