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Creative Laura knows her priorities and understands the law of attraction

  • Name: Laura Herde
  • Location: Bielefeld
  • Age: 21
  • Height: 162 cm
  • Instagram: @laura.herde

What are your hobbies?

Oh, well I have a few. :)

I love to express myself creatively through Instagram and my blog, by using words and pictures. Personal development is also very important to me. I basically devour books on that topic. :) 

Of course, sports can’t be missing in my spare time, just like spending time with my friends. Other than that, I love to explore other towns and countries!

What have you planned for the weekend?

I am going to spend a wellness weekend with my best friend in an all organic hotel - incl. sauna visit and 5-course dinner. I am super excited for it already. :)

Is there something you’ve always been wanting to do?

I would love to try skydiving and surfing is also super cool, in my opinion. I’d love to learn that one day.

Next year during summer, I’ll finish my Bachelors and then go travel the world. Even though I am already getting around quite a bit.

What was your most memorable vacation?

That would be the trip to the Maldives with my mom in April 2017. And Los Angeles in September 2017, which was a trip that included a couple relaxed days on the beach. ;-)

How would you behave if you could switch gender for a day?

Probably not much different. Being nice, working on improving myself, reading, working out, making vegan pancakes, inspiring other people.

What’s your favorite quote?

Life is just as good as you make it. You are the creator of your own life.

Do you have a favorite pick-up line?

I don’t really hit on guys like that, instead prefer to just be myself *smiles*

What was the most beautiful moment of your life?

That would have been on the beach in Malibu, with really great people, when we were all watching the sunset together.


You’d like to learn more about Laura? Then go visit her blog


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