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Italy, France or Spain…Dörte loves to be on the road - but she found her home in Berlin

  • Name: Dörte Fiebiger
  • Location: Berlin
  • Age: 26
  • Height: 163 cm
  • Instagram: @_fibii_

What are your hobbies?

Sports, sports and more sports! :)

I simply love to move! From weight training to running and body weight exercises, I enjoy it all! Does shopping count as exercise, too? ;) 

I also enjoy daily walks with my French Bulldog and nights out with my friends. Another passion of mine are cooking and baking.

What are your plans for the weekend?

This weekend will be quite different, as I have an exam scheduled for Saturday. Besides working full-time, I am studying psychology and the tests for working students always take place on Saturdays.

Afterwards, I have plans to meet a girlfriend, since I barely find the time during the week. On Sunday I’ll finally have the chance to relax and catch up on some sleep. :)

Is there something you’ve always been wanting to do?

Swimming with pigs on the Bahamas! And when I am already there, I want to learn surfing too! :)


What was the best vacation of your life?

I’ve spent my most beautiful vacation with my boyfriend and my dog, driving 2,5 weeks through Europe in a camper van. We drove from Berlin to Italy, France, Spain and returned back home to Germany via Switzerland. Those adventure vacations are simply so much better than “all inclusive” hotel stays. ;)


How would you behave if you could switch gender for a day?

I’d simply do nothing at all and leave the household as it is. My boyfriend is quite a specialist in doing just that! :D

And I’d definitely pee at least once standing!


Your favorite quote?

Why not? To explain: It means being spontaneous and to always ask yourself “why the hell not?” first.


Your favorite pick-up line?

There is none! Who is really interested in a person, doesn’t need a pick-up line. ;)


The most beautiful moment in your life?

When I took the decision to move from (boring) Brandenburg to Berlin and be happy with my boyfriend. 




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