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Aleks loves spontaneous road trips and trips to  the Fiji Islands - now she is telling you more about it

  • Name: Aleksandra Kuki
  • Location: Mönchengladbach
  • Age: 25
  • Height: 164 cm
  • Instagram: @aleks.kuki

What are your hobbies?

Training, of course! I have been a gym member for many years and could call the studio my second home. I work out at least four times a week, now and then even one or two days more. I preferably train with a partner, but sometimes it’s nice to just be by yourself for a little.

Other than that I am super adventurous and always out and about: On the lake with friends, ice skating for a few rounds, having a barbecue in the park or do a spontaneous road trip with friends.

What are your plans for the weekend?

This weekend is going to be very exciting. On Friday I’ll be heading home, as I am studying in Mannheim during the week. Since I am in the middle of an exam period, I’ll spend Friday learning for the tests. 

Saturday is my birthday - I am turning 26! Together with my training partner, I’ll be leaving for the fibo Cologne, early in the morning. The anticipation is huge, as I’ve always been wanting to visit the fitness exposition and so far haven’t had the chance to. 

There will also be a party later at night, and since it’s my birthday, I plan to dance and party! On Sunday I’ll be heading back to Mannheim and pick up my studies, as the exam is scheduled for Monday! Wish me luck!

Is there something you’ve always been wanting to do?

That’s a tough question! I belong, as so many others to the travel-loving group of people. I have a huge map of the world, that so far only has ten magnets. I want to see as much of the world as possible and made it my goal to travel during each vacation I get.


What was your favorite vacation?

I’ve had a few very nice holidays. The last one in Greece on the island of Kos and before that in Phuket, Thailand. I’ve spent the most exotic vacation on the Fiji Islands. Spontaneously booked three months before departure, as my best friend asked me if I didn’t want to join her (she was in New Zealand back then).

I love spontaneous vacations like that. I was traveling 33 hours, with layovers in Abu Dhabi and Melbourne, when I finally was welcomed with music on the Fiji Islands - just as seen in the movies. 

Unfortunately, the vacations started with lost luggage. I wasn’t too amused. But that could not get in the way of a wonderful vacation. It was a backpacking vacation from the books.

The second night was spend on Robinson Crusoe, the island of fire dancers. To wash our hands, we had to pump water into a canister, and the showers were simply buckets of cold water, that we had to fill up. You didn’t get to be picky.

We’ve spent next days exploring the island in a van with a group of travelers from Scotland, Australia, Canada and Ireland. The nights, we stayed at a bunch of different hostels.

We participated in ceremonies, visited a village and a school. Getting to know the locals was one of my favorite impressions.  So was seeing the excitement on the kids’ faces when we were visiting their school, to listen to their beautiful songs and watch them dance. 

The last three nights brought us to Mantaray Island, where we swam with mantas, hiked and enjoyed sun, beach and the sea. The Fiji Islands are worth experiencing! 

How would you behave if you could switch gender for a day?

I would hold the door for every woman, only to be amused by the funny looks on their faces. I’d definitely pee standing - outdoors, hahaha, that has to be very relaxing. :D

If I’d like a woman, I’d talk to her directly. We are missing out on so many chances in the times of Tinder & Co.

Your favorite quote?

„There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved.“ – George Sand


Your favorite pick-up line?

I have my doubts whether that actually exists or not! With me, no one ever worked! :D

The most original pick-up line was directed to one of my girlfriends: “Hi cutie, let me be your pants!” That made us all laugh… :D

The most beautiful moment of your life?

Again, there have been way too many of them in my life! Last weekend I was visiting the Schwetzinger castle gardens with my boyfriend. We went on a long walk and took a little break in the sun, sitting on a white bench. 

I lay down on the bench and rested my head on his legs. The tranquility around us, the warm sun rays on our skin and the intimacy between me and my boyfriend made for one of the best moments I’ve experienced in a while. 



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