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Products from organic agriculture are getting more and more popular

Eating healthily is getting harder and harder, as we are having more and more options when making food choices. This is why we have to pay attention to what we purchase.

"Organic or not organic…" A question that we all have asked ourselves before. Organic produce is becoming more popular as a growing number of people is consciously choosing to eat healthily. As more costumers take this decision, the range of products is growing.

With the purchase of organic food, you’re not just taking the right choice for yourself, but for the environment and the animals.

No. 1 reason to choose organic: Free from pesticides and genetic modification

Organic foods are strictly controlled, and therefore much healthier. They contain fewer chemicals, and a much lower amount of residues from fertilizers and additives. The use of genetically modified organisms is strictly prohibited. This contributes to the fact that organic food contains a huge amount of secondary phytochemicals.

No. 2 reason to choose organic: Animal welfare

Those who pick products with the organic food label, know that animals are kept in a much more appropriate way. They have more space per animal and more access to open air.

No. 3 reason to choose organic: Climate-friendly

The production of organic food is resulting in less greenhouse gas in comparison to the production of conventional products, since the use of nitrogen fertilizers is forbidden (amongst other reasons).

Organic agriculture preserves soil and water, promotes the diversity of species and contributes to the environmental protection.

No. 4 reason to choose organic: Better flavor

Did you know that organic products can contain no more than 49 additives, but conventional up to 300!?

The conscience for quality is growing and we can taste the difference. Organic is more aromatic, versatile and as natural as it gets.

No. 5 reason to choose organic: Organic protects against cancer

If veggies can’t get the “help” of chemicals, they have to protect themselves from insects. This results in the production of substances that have the potential to help us humans (when eating these organic veggies) fight inflammation and even protect us against cancer.

Even if organic foods must not necessarily be completely free from chemicals, they are on average much less polluted. Another risk of conventionally produced food is the extensive use of hormones, which is illegal, but still commonly found in milk production and animal feed, as it helps to increase profits.

This fact could be connected with the increasing numbers of breast and prostate cancer diagnoses, the now earlier occurring start of puberty and fertility issues in both man and woman.

Tips that will make your organic grocery purchase easier!

  1. Quick & organic: If there isn’t a lot of time to cook, we can now luckily rely on a wide range of organic ready-made products. Supermarkets and organic food stores, carry a variety of options, from canned soups to organic pizza!

  2. Organic baked goods: We all know by now that whole grain is healthier than wheat and keeps you satisfied for longer. Organic bakeries cater to whole grain and spelt lovers. The variety of options is massive. Organic baked goods contain mostly unprocessed ingredients. Cakes are often sweetened with dried fruit or agave syrup instead of industrially produced white sugar. Top!

  3. Watch out for the organic labels: "Not all organic food is the same!!!"
    The terms organic and ecological are protected. This means, every item carrying the word “organic”, must actually contain organically produced food. This is legally regulated. In addition, producers can put official organic labels on their items, such as the hexagonal green label used in Germany. Products that do not carry this label or the word organic, but “alternative” or “from strictly controlled agriculture” are not to be considered organically produced.

  4. Organic from discount stores: Cheap markets often carry a wide range of organic products, that taste really good: Fruits, vegetables, tofu, pasta and pizza. Keep your eyes peeled!

  5. Regional and seasonal: Buy regional and seasonally produced food, watch out for special offers and compare prices. Even organic food stores, such as Alnatura, carry a great range of products and affordable store-owned brands.

Are you choosing organic foods?

Well, we truly hope that we were able to give you a better understanding of organic food and that we inspired you to take the right choices in the future. 

By the way: Our 3dots-app will soon offer an organic food challenge! We wish you a lot of fun and success mastering it. :)

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