Mit kleinen Dehnübungen gegen Rückenprobleme ankämpfen

Effective Stretching Exercises – at Home or at the Office

Melanie Klien - Lifestyle

Relieve back pain and tension in 5 Minutes.

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Jasmins Abnehmerfolge mit der Fitness App 3dots

From Being Heartbroken to an Attractive Sports Ace

Timo Bauer - Lifestyle

Jasmin's story of a drinking goth subculture girl who turned into a tattooed fitness athlete.

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Ist die vegane Ernährung wirklich gesund und was hat es genau damit auf sich. Alle Vor und Nachteile sowie tolle Rezepte in unserem neuen Artikel

The Vegan Diet - Just a Trend, or Is There More to It ?

Kerstin Hübner - Lifestyle

Celebrities like Mike Tyson, Bill Clinton, Ariana Grande, Demi Moore, and many others pledge for the vegan diet.

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Mit der richtigen Pflege und Ernährung zu gesundem Haar

DIY Hair Masks and Simple Tips for Beautiful Hair

Lara Schreiber - Lifestyle

You are what you eat - People with a good diet have beautiful hair, skin and nails.

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3dots Team - Lifestyle
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So bleibt man fit und schlank im Urlaub

Happy and Fit on Vacation – It’s That Easy!

Lara Marie - Lifestyle

Savour your fitness on vacation with these important tips.

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Unangenehme Extra-Kilos erfolgreich verlieren, wie Zwillingsmama Afina

Afina, Mother of Twins, Motivates Women to Shed Excess Kilos

Timo Bauer - Lifestyle

The story of a young mother, who managed to lose her 34 pregnancy kilos in just 11 months!

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3dots Gründer berichtet von seinem New York Trip

NEW YORK CITY - The City That Never Sleeps, because it does so much sport

Timo Bauer - Lifestyle

3dots founder Timo takes over the Big Apple and and encounters many surprises.

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Oözem ist neues dotsmodel

#dotsmodel of the Week ÖZZ MILAN

Timo Bauer - Lifestyle

"You know all those things you've always wanted to do? You should go DO them. Because all we have is NOW."

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Wir zeigen euch die besten Fitness Blogs

The 6 Best Fitness and Lifestyle Blogs

Jennifer Valdes - Lifestyle

Learn from experienced fitness bloggers. We show you the 6 best fitness and lifestyle blogs.

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