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These Fitness Apps Will Get You Truly Fit

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die besten Fitness Apps
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3dots Test: Top Three Health and Fitness Apps

As a self employed travel and food blogger, I am constantly moving around the globe. Working remotely enables me to see many wonderful places and meet amazing people. I love my job. But to be honest, it is quite hard to develop a routine - especially when it comes to working out!

Today Berlin, tomorrow New York, soon after I'll be in Rio. For a gym rat like me, not easy. I miss the fitness studio. I used to work out six days a week, while I was staying in Berlin for a longer period. Now that I am traveling, the only option is to buy expensive gym day passes, but they would quickly sum up to a quite impressive amount of money. I would much rather invest that money into the next airplane ticket.

On my trips I had to quickly come up with an alternative. A friend told me that she had never trained in a gym before, yet she looked pretty fit to me. Instead, an app on her iPhone is all she uses to get a daily dose of activity in. Whether she has 20, 30 or 60 free minutes, she is always ready to break a sweat. At first I wasn't quite convinced, and couldn't believe that an app could keep up with my gym trainer. Still, I promised her to give it a try.

The following weekend, I visited my parents who live out of town. I saw the opportunity to keep my promise. I downloaded the recommended app, took my mom’s yoga mat and a water bottle, and found a shady spot in the garden. 45 minutes later I was drenched in sweat.

The result ?

Three days of extreme soreness. was convinced. From that day on, I even used the app in the gym, and trained twice a week according to the nice voice of the lady in my phone. Traveling is not getting in the way of my fitness goals any longer. I don't have to skip a single workout, or pay too much money for a crappy gym. Any hotel or AirBnB turns into my very own home gym within a couple seconds. Plus: The app is free! It couldn't get any better, could it?

Are you curious to learn which app I use?

Well, I´d love to share my knowledge with you! Since my first try, I have actually tested a couple other applications, and can give you a short review over my top three fitness apps!

The Top Three Fitness Apps For Every Fitness Level

3rd place: Freeletics - The app for a sweat breaking fitness trend

Freeletics is a form of training that simply uses body weight to build muscle and lose fat. It transforms your body, is super exhausting, and highly addictive. Working out only with body weight might sound boring or easy to people that are used to lift heavy weights. But they will change their mind during the first try.

About the app :

This app offers you very detailed instructions. Through the combination of single exercises, 700 different workouts are possible. The app comes with great videos, that do not only show each exercise performed correctly, but also explain each movement in detail. Freeletics can be done nearly anywhere. Parks and playgrounds will become your outdoor fitness studio. A unit can take between 10 and 45 minutes - according to your fitness and goals.


  • more than 700 workouts
  • adjustment to different fitness levels
  • strong integration into the community
  • motivation through other users and rating system


  • cannot be used without signing up
  • loud music, advertisement


The basic app is free. This is actually all you need. A „pro“ version costs 79,99 Euros, and offers you a personal trainer. That is actually not much cheaper than many gym rates and quite expensive for an app.

Works with:

  • Android and iOS

2nd place: Sworkit - The best fitness app for circuit training

About the app?

Sworkit is a free app that allows you to do circuit training outside the gym. The app focuses on strength training without equipment. Each unit consists of 30-sec-intervals, with a short recovery break after two minutes. 170 exercises tackle the whole body. Building up muscle isn't everything. Sworkit also comes with a bunch of yoga and stretching exercises. The app has everything you need for a successful circuit training.


  • the length of every workout can be customized
  • adjustment to different fitness levels
  • strengthening exercises, plus yoga and stretching
  • circuit training without weights
  • picture and video guides throughout every workout
  • it is possible to skip single exercises in a workout


  • working out isn't possible without signing up
  • there is no preview for single exercises, you only get to see them after choosing your workout
  • free version doesn't save workouts
  • app contains advertising


The „light“ version is free, „pro“ can be purchased for 4,99 $ per month. It comes with only a few more features, such as the possibility to save workouts, and the missing ads.

Works with:

  • Android and iOS

1st place: NTC+ - The Nike Training Club App

The very best fitness app to tackle your goals


I have been using this app for six months, and I am a really big fan of it! Even before the relaunch, Nike had done a great job. The latest version now is simply fantastic. As a companion on long trips or stressful days, my personal trainer is always with me and pushes me to the limits. I love it!

About the app ?

The app adjusts perfectly to your own goals: You choose which areas you want to tackle. Burning fat, building up muscle, and more, no problem! The app comes with over a hundred workouts designed by Nike Master Trainer and professional athletes. Every workout takes between 15 and 45 minutes. Your choice. Every exercise is described in much detail, in word, picture, and through videos. You can also choose between workouts with or without weights. Most of them can be done in the gym, at home, or really anywhere else.

If you stick to it, the Nike Training Club App allows you to reach one mile stone after the other. Every success can be shared with your friends - as long as they use the app, too. By the way: Nike offers you a free four week training plan. I think this is the best about the whole app. Perfect for everyone who needs a little extra push to get moving.


  • exercises adjusted to fitness goals and current level of fitness
  • training with or without weights
  • workouts developed by professional trainers and athletes
  • comprehensive photo and video explanations
  • free four week training plan
  • interactive community for more motivation
  • every finished workout is saved in a history
  • no advertisement


  • the app takes up quite a lot of data
  • workouts in the four-week-plan can not be exchanged for others or switched


  • free


  • Android and iOS

After learning more about the best fitness apps, you should be more than ready to break a sweat!

You still can't decide which app to get? Download all of them. After all, they are free. 

These apps will make you feel sore for days, I promise. I am sure you will see the results of your hard work soon - if you manage to stick to it!

Remember: Every workout takes you one step closer to the dream body you always wanted!


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Sport free ;)

I hope you enjoyed reading this article! It was really fun to write! Don't forget to add me to your Nike Training Club Crew when you download the app. You can find me under Jennifer Valdés May. Let's inspire and motivate each other. Should you want to read more, come visit my blog!

See you,



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