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Superfoods - Myth or Reality?

Timo Sven Bauer - Ernährung

What Are Superfoods?  5 Superfood Laws And More

Superfood here, Superfood there. But what exactly are Superfoods and what is it, that makes them so super? Let’s be clear about one thing: The term Superfood is a trend word birthed by the marketing industry. It is used for foods with health-promoting characteristics.

Superfoods are foods with an unusually high content of nutrients. They can contain a large number of trace minerals, vital substances, micronutrients and anti-oxidants or vitamins.

Superfoods - Good or Bad?

Taking into consideration that many food manufacturers print the label Superfood on products of questionable quality to attract customers, we are still convinced that certain Superfoods are a wonderful addition to everyone’s meal plan. 

To keep track in the Superfood jungle, we’ll provide you with 5 Superfood Laws, which will help you in the future!

5 Superfood Laws:

  1. Your Superfood should be as natural as possible and sourced from organic farming or uncontrolled growth.
  2. Your Superfood meal plan should contain local and exotic Superfoods.
  3. Your Superfoods  should be an addition to a balanced diet, not a compensation. 
  4. Your Superfood should be stored cool and dry.
  5. Your Superfood should be fairly produced. Make sure to focus on quality, not price. 

10 Superfoods You Should Definitely Test:

  1. Spirulina (microalga) - Great against viruses and bacteria
  2. Goji berries - Great for your eyes
  3. Chia seeds - Rich in omega-3 fatty acids
  4. Acerola - Vitamin C champion 
  5. Avocado - Great spread and rich in B vitamins  
  6. Cacao - Protects your cardiovascular system
  7. Cumin - Good for digestion
  8. Spinach - Lowers your appetite
  9. Beetroot - Great for the blood circulation in your muscles
  10. Ginger - Perfect as a tea

What is your experience with Superfoods?

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