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Simplest Fitness Exercises for the Home

Bernadette Wurzinger - Fitness
Einfache Fitnessübungen für zuhause, optimal für Anfänger
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The Best and Simplest Fitness Exercises for the Home

To keep fit for my outdoor activities, I need to train certain muscle groups. Especially in autumn and winter, when I don’t go out so much. I always do the necessary fitness exercises at home. Somehow, I’m always too busy for a fitness studio. And it would be unwise to go without fitness exercises entirely. For surfing and climbing, I need arm and back muscles, for mountain hiking I need strong leg muscles, as well as for mountain biking.

But also those, who are not constantly on the road, should regularly strengthen their muscles. In addition to a balanced diet, physical fitness is crucial for your wellbeing. By training regularly, slipped disks can be prevented, and certain muscle groups can be defined. The body becomes firm, and stays healthy for a long time.

And the best thing: You don’t even need a lot of time or money. Many fitness exercises can be easily done at home. Without equipment or props. Here are the three best and simplest fitness exercises for your home.

The Three Best Fitness Exercises for the Home - for Beginners

The following fitness exercises are perfect for a light workout at home. With these three exercises, all important muscle areas are trained: back, shoulders, stomach, arms, buttocks and legs - not one will be neglected. All exercises are entirely without props. All you need is a yoga or fitness mat. Grab your mat, take a few minutes, and off you go!

Exercise 1: Superman

For these exercises, you don’t need superpowers. They will come naturally after a while.

Strengthens: back, buttocks, hips, shoulders, arms


  • Lay flat on the floor or a fitness mat, chest down
  • Arms and legs are stretched out to the front and back, respectively. Point your toes to the wall behind you. The palms of your hands face each other (if this is too difficult, keep your hands to your temples)
  • The muscles of your neck are relaxed, the neck itself is in line with the spine. Face down.
  • Lift arms and legs at the same time. By raising the arms and legs at the same time, you should feel tension in the lumbar region.
  • Hold the position a little, then lower arms and legs again.
  • The neck and spine remain in one line all the time. Try not to form a hollow back.

Exercise 2: Crunches / Sit-ups

The classic home fitness exercises. Crunches primarily train abdominal muscles.

Strengthens: abs, arms


  • Lie down on your back on your mat or on the floor.
  • The feet are on the floor, at the width of your hips.
  • Put your hands on your neck so that your spine is supported.
  • Pull the shoulder blades down and together (I always imagine that I want to pinch a piece of paper with them).
  • Slowly lift your feet off the ground, until your knees are at a 90 degree angle. Your feet show away from your body.
  • Move your right knee and your left elbow towards each other.
  • Stretch your left leg in the direction of the wall (in front of you). It should not touch the ground, and should be higher than your hip.
  • Then, rotate your upper body so that you move the left elbow toward the right knee. This movement should press your lower back into the mat, or onto the ground.
  • Hold the position 1-2 seconds, and return to the starting position.
  • Repeat the exercise with the opposite side.


  • Make slow and controlled movements.
  • Be careful not to move the head towards the knee, but the elbows.
  • During the upward and downward movements, the lower back must be firmly pressed into the ground. This way you avoid damage to your back.

Exercise 3: Downward-Facing Dog

Since I practice a lot of yoga, I like to integrate the downward-facing dog into my daily fitness program. It’s ideally suited for fitness exercises at home, since this exercise also requires no props or equipment. And it strengthens all muscle parts. A real miracle weapon!

Strengthens: all body parts


  • Start on all fours on the floor or your mat. The hands are under your shoulders, fingers pointing forward.
  • Now go to a plank (push-up position). The hands are still under your shoulders. Your legs are extended backwards. Your body is under tension. Make sure not to form a hollow back.
  • Breathe out, and push your weight toward the wall behind you. This lifts your hips, and your body forms an inverted "V". Your head should be in a line with the neck and spine. The neck should be relaxed, not tense (Many do this wrong!). Don’t lift your head.
  • Press your soles into the ground. If that does not work (and it won’t at the beginning), bend the knees slightly, and allow the soles of the feet to rise slightly from the ground.
  • Breath out and return to the push-up position.

Fitness Exercises at Home - Don't Overdo It!

If you perform your fitness exercises regularly at home, you will quickly see success - and they don’t take up much time. In order to stick with it, don’t do too much immediately. Your motivation will drop very quickly otherwise. Start with 5 repetitions per exercise, and increase them a little each week. That way, you’ll see success quickly, and remain motivated.

I wish you a lot of fun ! =)

If you are struggling with motivation problems, read my post about the most common motivation problems with losing weight (link). Maybe you recognize a bit of yourself in it.

Your Bernadette ;)



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