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Online Coaching 2.0 – even more success thanks to online coaching app 3dots


Do you already offer online coaching? Are you successful in what you do, but would like to build your business even more quickly and professionally?

Find out why you can experience even more success with the 3dots app and why your customers will love you. You can support your customers easily through the 3dots fitness & food app – anytime, anywhere.

Put your knowledge and talent to use and inspire people to lead a healthier, fitter and more sustainable life. 

Be a part of the german success App 3dots and grow with our international expansion plan.

Become part of our vision to help over 100,000 people experience the body transformation of their lives by the end of 2020.

Why you should become part of the Online Coaching Revolution now

We will now demonstrate in 5 points how we can help you take your online coaching business to the next level in future. 

Time is the decisive currency in today’s world and you are sure to have more of it in future. 


The answer is simple: we help you to automate your online business and assist you with our business support, design and expertise. 

And the whole thing won’t cost you a penny. There’s no catch.

We work in the same way as Uber or Airbnb, providing you with an incredible platform. The platform keeps just a small portion of your income, which is so minimal that you will hardly even notice. 

Point 1: Professional appearance with your coach profile in the 3dots app

Present yourself in your best light and explain who you are and what your strengths are. Position your offer and use your profile to manage your clients and to communicate with them.

Demonstrate your professionalism and impress clients with a transparent profile as an official 3dots coach. 

Point 2: Payments, invoicing & administration

Your client books you easily through the 3dots app. Be it with credit card, PayPal or bank transfer with Sofort Überweisung – allow your clients to choose their preferred payment method. Your client feels comfortable and secure, without having to be afraid of transferring money directly to a stranger.

You don’t need to write any tedious invoices or manage your clients in Excel tables. You don’t need to worry about data protection laws or legal stumbling blocks. We have everything covered. 


Point 3: Top design, plans & tools

Nutrition and training plans are usually sent to clients in Excel tables or grey-looking Word files. It does the job, but doesn’t really look great. 

The 3dots assembly model allows you to create fantastic nutrition plans or to customise prefabricated templates for your clients. You can send cleanly designed training plans and exercise graphs through the app. 

Benefit from over 20,000 recipes, e-books and high-quality content from 3 areas: nutrition, movement & mindfulness. 

Your clients will enjoy the simple display and you will notice how quick and easy work can feel. 

Point 4: Community and group dynamic

You are the central anchor for your clients. But we all know that we’re stronger as part of a group. People love to be part of a movement.

And the group dynamic is an extraordinary asset to fitness in particular. Your clients can complete challenges, document their transformation and share their journey on Instagram or Facebook without any inhibitions.

Inspiration and ideas spur your clients on to achieve even better results.

Point 5: Privacy and support

We have structured everything in such a way that your privacy is also protected. You can support your clients through the app. This ensures WhatsApp remains your messenger for friends and family.

Define your consultation hours and create a framework for clear communication. We provide you with a contact partner! They will help you take on clients, customise plans and optimise your self-marketing. 

It goes without saying that these 5 reasons for a successful partnership with 3dots are not all we have to offer!​​​​​​​

How can you join?

Write to the person from the Marketing or Recruiting team who gave you this information. Let this person know that you wish to join! Once all questions have been answered, you will be added to the app and your success story begins!

Thank you for your attention 

Your 3dots Team 

We empower online coaching. 


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