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From Being Heartbroken to an Attractive Sports Ace

Timo Bauer - Lifestyle
Jasmins Abnehmerfolge mit der Fitness App 3dots

Jasmin`s story of a drinking goth subculture girl to a tattooed fitness athlete.

„Jasmin Kittycat“, that`s her name on Facebook, should you want to look-up the beautiful Austrian. The 28 year old has been living, for a couple of years, in the poetic city Vienna. It`s no wonder that Jasmin enjoys writing poetry in her free-time.

However her biggest passion, of course is fitness. It isn`t long ago, that for her everything had to do with parties, alcohol and chilling-out. She was quiet creative with her excuses for missing physical education.

But then everything changed.

Quick and easy weight loss, as Jasmin has demonstrated. When we asked Jasmin what motivated her to change her lifestyle, she told us how badly being heartbroken had affected her.

„When you have heartache, then no one can help you, each one of us has to go through this small hell”.

Alcohol and fast food left their marks, bad skin and some kilos too many around the waist, made Jasmin even more, unhappy.

„Dissatisfaction, with other things came all at once. This could not go on anymore”.

To clear her head from thoughts, Jasmin ran and eventually added exercise for the Abs at home. Step by step her habits changed and she started to love her new lifestyle. She swapped her black outfits against sportswear and the money for the parties she invested in a membership for the gym. Jasmin stepped up everything that gave her the feeling of being healthier and happier. From the first motivation to lose 5 kilos, it became clear she wanted to lose more. 

Today Jasmin gets her motivation from the social media platform, Youtubers, Instagrammers and fitness models. At the end of our interview we were really impressed and were allowed to ask 3 more questions.

What kind of food do you eat now and how often do you train?

Through the vegan diet, I spend more time in the kitchen and cook healthy “vegan”! Meat hasn`t been on my menu for 8 years now, the same goes for alcohol, which I haven`t had for 9 years. Otherwise I would say I have a balanced and (mostly) healthy diet. Now and then I allow myself a treat as long as it fits in my macros. Some months ago I discovered “carb cycling” for myself and find it really good. I find the “high carb low fat” easy to follow.

I workout 6x a week, 4 blocks of these are strength training, followed by HIT and 2 blocks per week of light endurance training.

What were your greatest achievements last month?

Step by step Jasmin ate healthier and then lost 10 kilos in weight. “My greatest achievement, without a doubt, was my weight loss. Another success for me was to come out of the “low carb”diet. There`s a long story behind this, to make it short my body had suffered enormously. After losing the 5 kilos I was really proud of myself.”

What meanings do the tattoos have?

The tattooed back of an athlete Vegan. „I love swimming against the current, even in my youth I was different and stood out, optically in a crowed. Then as a goth and now with my tattoos. Some of the tattoos have personal meanings for me and the rest are just pictures which I like and decorate my body.”

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