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Fit and Healthy in 10 Minutes - It's This Easy!

Lara Schreiber - Fitness
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Want to get fit and slim from the comfort of your home? Here are the most effective workout videos

We all have resolutions for the new year, even if we don’t always like to admit it. If you ask around, you’ll always hear the same plans. Eat healthier, get more fresh air, think more positively and, above all, much more sports ...

Be honest, how’s that sport thing working out for you?

When I look back to the first weeks of the year, it didn’t really work out as I had intended. "Winter blues" is what the time is called, when you just hang around unmotivated, and prefer cuddling up and snacking with a warm blanket in front of the oven. Considering the icy weather right now, who would blame you, right?

Nevertheless, I noticed that I’m lacking distraction and movement! In these temperatures, it’s very difficult for me to go outside for a jogging session or to the gym. In addition, a gym membership is very expensive in the long run.

So if you want to get fit through the winter, and at the same time look forward to a well nursed wallet, you should read on.

Gym - or are the own 4 walls enough?

Even though the gym is a great idea, you can easily bring the studio into your own 4 walls. You can do home workouts ALWAYS and EVERYWHERE. In the living room, in the study ... even in the smallest apartment, there’s space for the cheapest sport there is. You can be super flexible in terms of your training times, and you can break out a small workout whenever you feel like it. For every body part, you’ll find a huge number of workouts on youtube. Fancy a leg day? Easy, just search and browse through the great selection of workout videos.

You'll find everything on youtube: Morning yoga, HIIT training, full body workouts, and stretching exercises.

And the best thing about a workout at home?

You usually need little to no equipment. A mat, possibly a few dumbbells, and a large bottle of water are more than enough! That’s how easy can burn calories in your own four walls, and work on your beach figure. Because how do they say?

"Summerbodys are made in winter!"

To help you find the perfect workout videos, I've put together my favorites. Just click on them, get going and be motivated! I wish you a lot of success!

Workout Video Nr.1: „10 MIN INTENSE AB WORKOUT“

Dear Pamela is now a well-known online personality, and is considered to be one of the most popular fitness bloggers in Germany. I must admit, she looks great, and has a great body! Her abs workout is great, I can only recommend it. It’s super fast, effective (no doubt!), and even fun. You need nothing but a mat. Sounds good, right? I guess over a million views says it all...

Workout Video 2: „Total Body Tone Up“

Yes, that sounds good! These two women have it down, for sure. The video is very motivating, extremely fun, and you’ll feel much better afterwards. The whole body is trained and toned. Nothing like it, give it a try!

Workout Video 3: „Ultimate HIIT Workout in 10 Minutes That Really Burns”

I've been following Veronica for quite some time, and I have to say that she is one of my favorite fitness bloggers. She’s all-round positive, realistic, and motivating. Veronica has an incredible understanding of what she is doing and presenting. Not only her workout videos, but also her food diaries and tips are the bomb. If you don’t know her HIIT workout, you’re really missing out! It really burns bright, as the title says. Recommendation!

Workout Video 4: „Full Body Blast & Tone“

I have a great video for all yoga fans. Boho Beautiful is the absolute tip for great yoga videos! Yoga shapes the body, relaxes, and simply makes you feel incredibly good. With Boho Beautiful, you can practice and learn regularly. This workout is great for the whole body. If I were you, I would browse through the channel ... There is a lot to discover!

Workout Video 5: „Brutal HIIT Ladder Workout“

More than 6 million views speak for themselves, right? But of course I have tested the workout for you, and I must say that you’re definitely in the right place if you are looking for an intense and great workout at home! So quickly grab your water bottle and get started! it works much better if you find a training partner, trust me!

Workout Video 6: „8 Min Abs Workout“

Last but not least, a workout for the abdomen muscles. In the morning, in between or before going to bed - everyone has 8 minutes to spare. Stick with it, and you’ll see results very quickly!

Which workout do you use to stay fit and healthy?

I have given you some inspiration on workout videos. I suggest you browse through youtube yourself, and be inspired and motivated. Because you can!

All my love,

Your Lara =)

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