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You Think Broccoli is Boring? Be Inspired by This!

Jennifer Valdes - Ernährung

With these 3 super simple and healthy broccoli recipes, you’ll soon change your opinion on broccoli completely

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#dotsmodel of the week Petra Kern

Jan Bauer - Lifestyle

Petra loves nature, sports, and the feeling of doing something for her environment

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Green Smoothie Bowls

Timo Sven Bauer - Ernährung

This is How You Cover Your Green Veggie Intake, Easy And Delicious

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#dotsmodel of the Week Yves-Len Unser

Jan Bauer - Lifestyle

Obsessed with sport, vegan, and constantly on the move. Yves-Len loves being in flux.

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The kitchen smells great! - Healthy waffle recipe!

Lara Coutinho - Ernährung

The best waffle recipes - fitness-friendly and vegan

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Die wunderschöne und sportliche Jessica Lyska ist unser Dotsmodel der Woche

#dotsmodel of the Week Jessica Lyska

Jan Bauer - Lifestyle

Jessi inspires over 100,000 followers with her Instagram profile, and creates her own challenges in the 3dots app.

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Dream Bowl - Make Your Own Colorful Bowls

Chiara Vitzthum - Ernährung

This is how you bring color to your plate or better, to your bowl

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Basketballprofi und Start Up Grüner Andrej Mangold als Dotsmodel der Woche

#dotsmodel of the Week Andrej Mangold

Jan Bauer - Lifestyle

Basketball Pro and Startup founder Andrej loves to discover the cultural treasures of the world.

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Outdoor Strength Training For Every Session

Timo Sven Bauer - Fitness

This is how Outdoor Strength Training turns into a whole lot of fun in any weather

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Unser Dotsmodel der Woche Anna Hagley von NYC

#dotsmodel of the Week Anna Hagley

Timo Bauer - Lifestyle

She has really cleaned up in bikini competitions, but the true winner is Anna's vegan lifestyle.

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