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Fit and Healthy in 10 Minutes - It's This Easy!

Lara Schreiber - Fitness

Want to get fit and slim from the comfort of your home? Here are the most effective workout videos.

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Superfoods - Myth or Reality?

Timo Sven Bauer - Ernährung

What Are Superfoods? 5 Superfood Laws And More

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Werde zum Experten innerhalb der 3dots App

3dots Team - Lifestyle

Du bist Ernährungsberater, Fitness- oder Yogatrainer? Werde jetzt ein Experte innerhalb der 3dots Community

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Pilates das optimale Ganzkörpertraining für zuhause

Easy Pilates Workout - a Beginners Guide

Melanie Klien - Fitness

Start your first pilates session in only a couple of minutes - Easy exercises for your home workout.

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Creator of the week - Seline Vogel

Jan Bauer - Lifestyle

Seline liebt es ihre leckeren und veganen Rezepte mit der 3dots Community zu teilen

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Meal Prep - This Is How You Prepare Your Meals For The Day

Timo Sven Bauer - Ernährung

What are the benefits of „Meal Prep“ - and why do celebrities and stars love food out of the container

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Healthy Chocolate Mousse With The Right Secret Ingredients - And Zero Sugar

Lara Coutinho - Ernährung

Our recipe for delicious chocolate mousse is vegan, low carb and absolutely yummy

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3dots Social Fitness App - iOS Update And News On The Eagerly Anticipated Android Update

3dots Team - Lifestyle

The new search feed completes the Social Media App and allows users a targeted content search

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Fruchtig leckere und ansprechende Smoothie´s

Summer-Sunshine-Smoothies Bring the Vacation Feeling to Your Home

Lara Schreiber - Ernährung

Yellow Smoothies are the perfect Summer - Sun - Smoothies. We present you two of our favorite recipes!

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5 Tips For Optimal Running Training


This is how you improve your training on the running track, from lap to lap

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