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Schnelle Rezepte gemeinsam leicht zubereiten

Fast and Healthy Recipes for Dinner

Jennifer Valdés - Ernährung

How to prepare fast and healthy recipes for the evening, and still be able to feast in the lap of luxury!

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Wir zeigen euch die besten Fitness Blogs

The 6 Best Fitness and Lifestyle Blogs

Jennifer Valdes - Lifestyle

Learn from experienced fitness bloggers. We show you the 6 best fitness and lifestyle blogs.

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Eiweißreiche Lebensmittel

Do you know these 10 high protein foods?

Jennifer Valdés - Ernährung

Protein is essential for your body, and not only required to build muscle! But be careful!

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Enjoy Muffins Without Bad Conscience - Oat-Protein-Muffins

Timo Sven Bauer - Ernährung

The main ingredients of these Fitness Muffins are bananas, oats, protein powder, eggs or an egg-replacer and berries

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Discovering the 5 Tibetans

Jennifer Valdés - Fitness

The way to more energy in 15 minutes! We show you the legendary exercises.

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3dots Gründer berichtet von seinem New York Trip

NEW YORK CITY - The City That Never Sleeps, because it does so much sport

Timo Bauer - Lifestyle

3dots founder Timo takes over the Big Apple and and encounters many surprises.

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