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5 Tips For Optimal Running Training


This is how you improve your training on the running track, from lap to lap

One tends to believe, that you can’t do too many mistakes when jogging or running. You simply just start.

And that’s true! Still, there are a few great things you should keep in mind. They will help you to make the most of your training and to see great results sooner. 

It doesn’t matter what your personal goal is. An improved endurance, stress release, weight loss or simply having fun.

If you inform yourself on the internet, you’ll find numerous articles which will point out mistakes you can make when running. We are aware of the fact, that a bad running technique isn’t optimal, but we’ve decided to keep this article positive and to focus on giving tips that will improve your overall running training.

We are convinced, that a person working out, is healthier and fitter than another person being a passionate couch potato.

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How to Improve Your Running Training - Top 5 Tips:

Tip No. 1: „Breathing"

Did you ever hear that a professional boxer is knocked-out in the first round, should he not stick to the trained breathing technique? He would barely be able to keep his arms up in the air, as his muscles wouldn’t be provided with enough oxygen. The correct breathing technique is just as important for runners. 

An often recommended technique is to quickly breathe in twice through the nose, then slowly breathe out through the mouth. It’s important to stick to a steady breathing rhythm.


Tip No. 2: „Mindset“

The body only goes, where the mind has been before. Your mindset, the motivation from within, can push you to achieve your best possible performance. Set yourself small goals, like a curve in the distance or the end of a specific song.

With the right music, you’ll be able to push yourself even further. It’s not without reason, that listening to music is forbidden during running competitions. It counts a type of doping! 

For sure you’ve experienced it before: A certain song is playing on the radio and suddenly your spirits are raised. Create your own motivational playlist.

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Tip No. 3: „The Right Shoes“

Humans used to walk barefoot. But nowadays, we are gelled, bolstered and otherwise modified. Which arguably looks great, but is both a blessing and a curse.

Buying a pair of new running shoes, you should never pay attention to the looks, but your individual foot. Take expert advice and do a running analysis via camera, to find the perfect shoe. Every good sports store offers these services for free.

Tip No. 4: „Strength Training“

Our bodies are complex machines. A great runner trains not only his endurance, but also flexibility and muscles strength. Do a few strength exercises after each running training, such as squats, push-ups and planks.


Tip No. 5: „Stretching“

What’s stopping you from your running training? Right, the pain in your muscles and soreness. This is why you should always include a 5-minute stretch session after your cool down (slow running at the end of your training). Stretching your muscles and ligaments, will initiate the regeneration stage and improve your flexibility.


Well, what do you say? Could you take something from this article?

If so, let us know and send us a feedback! We would be super happy to hear from you.

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