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3dots Fitness App - Who And What is 3dots

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The vision behind the social fitness app 3dots and how it intends to become the biggest fitness platform

Before we get started and explain what 3dots really is and what exactly we are doing, we’ll tell you why we exist in the first place.

Why Does 3dots Exist?

We, the 3dots team, are convinced that every human has the wish to lead a long and healthy life. We are excited about the idea of bringing together two groups of people on one platform.



One of these two groups loves to create new content and to inspire people with their experience, knowledge and talents.

The other group is looking for inspiration, tips and possibilities to optimize their lives. 

3dots provides both groups with a platform, on which content can be created and found. It allows content creator and consumer to get in touch with each other and connect via a range of social media networks.

What Does 3dots do?

3dots develops innovative tools that allow its users to create and share incredible content. 

Users can complete daily challenges in the areas of nutrition, exercise and mindfulness, to become familiar with new, healthy habits. 

3dots develops features that make images, videos and text more beautiful and easier to consume. 

Influencer, Blogger And Everyone That Has Something to Say

People learn through experiences. These stories are shared with the 3dots community. We seek to give everyone the change to express themselves and be heard. 

People that would like to share a new recipe, instructions for an exercise or the results of a diet change, will receive three innovative tools over the course of 2018.

The Recipe Filter enables the creation of beautiful digital recipe cards. In three steps, ingredients lists and instructions are designed with suitable templates. The recipe cards can be found and shared by the community.

The Micro Blog turns simple words into a comprehensive blog post. Bring your stories to life. Add images, links and design elements. The 3dots Micro Blog allows the creation of blog posts within the app, without the effort of having a personal website.

The Tutorial Editor allows the users to produce short, meaningful video instructions. Symbols, text and a video-in-video function allow creating easy to understand instruction videos. 

Influencers will be able to build a base of thousands of followers and monetarist their created content.

Search and Find Content on 3dots

Content is only then good when it is easy to find. 

To guarantee a pleasant search experience, we are developing the 3dots Search Feed.

The Search Feed is a mix of News Feed in which content is streamed by followed people, and a search, which can be filtered using the three categories exercise & movement, nutrition & food, lifestyle & mindfulness. 

A detailed search filter allows finding accurate content. For example: Users could find recipe cards that cover the following criteria: Low carb, vegetarian, soy-free.

The 3dots Vision

People are often hesitant to share their athletic progress, the results of their proudly decorated meal or similar moments on Social Media platform such as Facebook and Instagram.

They are afraid of what their colleagues, friends and neighbors might think of them.

3dots encourages its users to do exactly that/

We encourage to talk about meals, workout, veganism, cheat meals and diets, and to share experiences. 

3dots’ main focus hereby lies in making content accessible - quickly and easily. Search results will become easier to consume. This is how 3dots will establish itself as number one search platform. 

Users can take their questions and ideas directly to the content creator or follow this person in the future.

3dots will become the most comprehensive platform for images, text and videos in the areas of exercise, nutrition and mindfulness.


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