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3 Winter Sports Alternatives to Ski and Snowboard

Jana Mironowitz - Fitness
Für alle denen Skifahren zu langweilig ist, wir haben Alternative Wintersportarten

Skiing is too boring for you? Here are 3 Wintersport Alternatives with a an extra portion adrenaline.

Finally it snowed! Reason enough to grab your skis or snowboard, and head into the mountains. Me, you’ll find me almost every week in Austria or in the Allgäu at the moment. Since I can work just with my the laptop, I like to hibernate in the mountains (sometimes also at the sea). But not everyone has the opportunity to go into the mountains. Some of you may not like to ski. Fortunately, there are other sports that are fun in the snow and ice. I’ll show you 3 top winter sports alternatives to ski and snowboard. If in doubt, just grab a handful of snow and start a snowball fight! Don’t forget your gloves, it’s gonna get cold ...

Wintersport-Alternative 1: Ice skating always works!

When is the last time you had ice skates on your feet? I bet it’s been a while. Ice skating is so much fun, and you burn endless calories. Because when skating, the whole body is in motion, and numerous muscle parts are in demand. And best of all, you don’t have to drive far. You’ll find an ice rink in almost every city. Even more beautiful is, of course, a frozen lake. However, caution is advised. Check the thickness of the ice before entering. On the ice skating website in Germany, Eislaufen in Deutschland, you’ll find a list of all ice skating rinks in the Federal Republic. The perfect winter sports alternative for everyone!

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Wintersport-Alternative 2: For anyone looking for a kick - snowkiting

Higher, faster, further! Any kitesurfers among you? Or snowboarders looking for an extra adrenaline kick? Then snowkiting represents the perfect winter sports alternative. Snowkiting is a trend sport, and a variant of kitesurfing. With a snowboard (or skis) under your feet and a kite in your hand, you glide over snowy slopes. Courses are available almost everywhere on the Feldberg in the Black Forest, on the Achensee in Austria, or in Oberwiesenthal in the Ore Mountains. A course like that is even more fun in a group. So grab your friends, and plunge into the snow adventure together! Some kite schools even offer private couples courses. You were planning for Valentine's Day, right?

Wintersport-Alternative 3: Biking through the snow with a Fatbike

Any mountain bikers among you? Or curious cats with a desire for a bit of snow adventure? Then please read on, the Fatbike should be right for you. Basically, it is a bicycle. One with gigantic fat tires. Everything is a little thicker and bigger on this bike - but especially the tires. They have more volume than ordinary mountain bike tires, and are equipped with spikes. They stop you from sinking into the snow. Biking in the snow is finally possible. The Fatbike is an invention from Alaska. No wonder, because the winters there are long, and there’s loads of snow. An ideal winter sports alternative to skiing or snowboarding. Snow-covered slopes and trails are waiting to be conquered. And above all, it's fun! The sport is now so popular in Europe, that there’s an annual Snowbike Festival in Gstaad. The bikes are now also available in an e-bike version, so there are no excuses for lack of fitness. You can hire Fatbikes almost everywhere. So grab a bike and conquer the snow!

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What is your favorite winter sport alternative?

Hopefully we could raise your interest in new winter sports, and had the right suggestions ready for you? =) Share your winter experience with us, we look forward to your stories. =)

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