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5 Tips and Tricks to Willingly Do More Sport

Sometimes it is really hard to overcome your inner laziness. This tiny voice inside, is against you. You really would like to do more sport, but then this and that is suddenly more important. And, of course, the weather is terrible outside and I do not feel like driving to the gym, because I also have to pack my sports gear. These are the kinds of excuses we all know, not to do sport. Things that were not important before suddenly take more priority and that means not having to do sport.

Exactly this reason of pressure “have to”, “I have to do sport, because everyone does it, because I want to lose weight, because it is trendy” is wrong. Why pressure yourself? First of all, let go of the idea of having to do sport. Sport is fun, sport is done freely and not because “everyone is doing it.” As small children we ran around, climbed trees or played catch for hours. It was fun to be outside and we never thought about being out for hours so we could burn 500 kilo calories. This is the right attitude, so let it happen. Do sport, because it is fun, because it feels good and most of all because you want to (not “I must but I want to”). To motivate you to have fun and discover sport, here are my five tips.

Tip 1: Go out!

Make time for yourself. Leave the days stress and your four walls behind and go outdoors. This can be to the next park, the fields or the forest. Important is to be out in the countryside. It is the best place to really switch off. Whether you ride a bike, jog or do yoga, is completely up to you. Be self conscious about your free time to switch off, this means no cell phone. Best to leave it at home, so you are not available for an hour. Enjoy your time out in the nature.

Tip 2: Do it for you!

Your friend, colleague or mum – all think you could do more sport again? Or you feel obliged to do sport because everyone is talking about their sport? Stop! You decide. Start a sport which you enjoy and stay with it. Soon you will notice how good you feel and also the physical change. It builds confidence and a good all over feeling. So, listening to your needs will make you notice the difference of a healthier mind and body.

Tip 3: Define your goal!!

It is important to keep your goal in mind. Just as, it is important to set small goals in between. Be realistic about your abilities and set smaller goals as you go along. This is more motivating and will push you along. A small treat in between or listening to your, ”to do list” can help.

Tip 4: Grab your favorite person and let us go!

How about once not meeting for a cocktail evening but instead for sport. Summer is the best time to do something together. Whether you go jogging, plan a bicycle tour, go swimming or play volleyball in the pool is your decision. Be out and have fun! 

Tip 5: Look for new challenges!

Try out new forms of sport which interest you. There are so many to choose from which, who knows, you really might like. So listen around. Maybe you will find one amongst my three suggestions.

Sport 1: Rope Skipping

As single or in a group re-discover skipping again. We all know this from our childhood, but now get yourself a vinyl chord and let us skip. You can learn different diverse tricks and even create your own choreography. Practice with friends using one or two ropes. An excellent, endurance sport.

Sport 2: Indiaca 

Indiaca is a sport, similar to volleyball, which has an outstretched net. The aim of the game is to hit a feather ball with the palm of your hand, over the net, into your opponent side. Ideal to play with friends.

Sport 3: Diverse Fitness Apps.

Now-a-days you can find Apps for everything, so why not sport. You can keep a log of your success and try out new things. Exercises using your own body weight can be done at home or outdoor. Why not look us up on App

Another tip: 

Exercise alone will not do the trick! Diet is the key to success and will get you closer to your goals when done right! The article „Quick, Easy and Healthy Meals Where Ever You Go“ (LINK) will help you on your way.


I hope I was able to motivate you!

Have fun in trying out my tips! There are so many ways out there to get moving! Just a couple of days ago I have been playing laser-tag and had a blast! Check out my blog (LINK) to see what else I am up to!

Your Kerstin


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