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This is how Outdoor Strength Training turns into a whole lot of fun in any weather

No matter what the weather is doing, whether it’s sunny or rainy, with the right mindset outdoor training on the fresh air can turn into a lot of fun.

The possibilities are sheer endless: Street workout, training in the park, lifting tree trunks in the woods or doing pull-ups on the playground. All these outdoor places offer a vast variety of options to do an amazing workout.

We’ve already explained the following in our 3dots challenge: The big advantage of outdoor training is that you’re practicing exercises that do not require any equipment.  

You’re training with your own bodyweight or objects from your surroundings. This means our body has to adapt to the environment and do the work, not the other way around.

Following, you’ll see a few such exercises that serve as inspiration and shall invite you to join in!

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Dips on Parallel Bars

A great exercise for more advanced skills. You’ll find bars on most playgrounds, outdoor parks and gyms. This exercise trains chest and triceps.


Dips on a Bench

Suited for beginners, this exercise is performed with bent knees. Those you have been practicing it for a while, should stretch out their legs.


Biceps Curls With Bar or Tree Trunk

Pick a tree trunk or branch with a challenging weight. This exercise trains your biceps.


Inclined Push-Ups

Look for an elevated object such as a bench or a tree trunk. Inclined push-ups train your upper chest muscles and shoulders.


Negative Push-Ups

To train your lower chest, the upper body has to be lower than your hips. So rest your legs on a bench or steps and let’s go!



This exercise can be done nearly anywhere. Pay attention to keeping your body in one straight line and try to hold as long as possible.



Starting off in a regular push-up position, bend your right leg, then your left. In a slow movement, the knee tries to touch the elbow and is then pushed back. This is the perfect abdominal muscle exercise.


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I truly hope you’re feeling motivated enough to get started! Obviously, outdoor training is even more fun with friends.

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