Easy Pilates Workout - a Beginners Guide

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Pilates das optimale Ganzkörpertraining für zuhause
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Start Your First Pilates Session in Only a Couple Minutes - Easy Exercises for Your Home Workout

Pilates is a total body workout, strengthening the core of the body, building flexibility, and improving posture and balance. Not to mention toning the body. Pilates is ideal as a regular and effective home exercise, a wonderful way to live pain free, if you suffer from tension and back pain. All you need is a gymnastic mat.

Here are three great exercises for beginners.

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Exercise 1: Atlas

This exercise is trains your back, while your neck can relax. It improves your balance, and tones your abs, legs, buttocks, and arms. Your starting position is on your hands and knees. Make sure your wrists are aligned with your shoulders, and your position your knees under your hips. Keep your back straight, while your head forms a straight line with your back and hips. Now stretch out your right arm and your left leg, making sure to create a horizontal line with your body. Hold this position and concentrate on your breathing. Tense your stomach muscles slightly to keep the posture, and keep your back straight.Slowly release the arm and leg, and repeat the exercise on the other side. Try to do six repetitions on each side.

Exercise 2: Cat Stretch

This exercise relaxes the neck and the spine. Go on all fours again, as in the previous exercise. Inhale first, and on the exhale tilt your pelvis forward. Roll your head down, and curve your back like a cat. Hold this position until you’ve finished exhaling. On inhaling, lift the head and raise your buttocks, allowing the back to drop. Repeat the exercise six times with your breathing sequences.

Exercise 3:Teaser Preparation

This exercise trains your abs, and improves the flexibility of your spine. Lie on your back, knees bent. Your arms are lying next to you, palms facing down, and knees closed. Lift and extend one leg away from you. The knees are kept at the same height. Now raise your head and arms,and roll yourself up, vertebra for vertebra, into a sitting position. The arms are parallel to the outstretched leg. If you have problems making it into the sitting position, then roll up only to the tip of the shoulder blades. It is important to carry out this exercise without swinging up, so you don’t strain your back. Repeat three times each side.




My favorite Pilates exercises, just for you

And that’s it. Short and simple. I look to hearing from your own pilates experiences, and I’m happy about feedback. Either here on 3dots, or on my blog.

Your Melanie 

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