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Whether you're a beginner or advanced - this is how CrossFit works

„CrossFit“ - a word that both motivates as it scares people off. One person might feel challenged, another prefers to stay back and question whether their own fitness will allow them to push through such a workout.  

This is where I would like to start. Before I introduce you to our training  plan, a few facts about CrossFit:

  • What exactly is CrossFit
  • Who is CrossFit intended for
  • How do you train CrossFit correctly
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What exactly is CrossFit

CrossFit is a full-body workout. The goal is to develop and train all body functions. Strength, endurance, mobility, coordination and speed are part of it. The goal is to become an allrounder, a true athlete. 

All workouts are made up of functional exercises, meaning that they are performed without weight-machines. Used are the own body weight, weights such as dumbbells, barbells, chains, kettlebells, ropes, chin-up bars and other things such as tires and hammers.

In comparison to classic fitness training, CrossFit seldom or never gets boring. Expect a daily changing workout routine, the so-called WOD - workout of the day.

In a typical WOD, different exercises follow directly upon each other. Some workouts are to be absolved in a certain time, others require a certain number of repetitions.

Who is CrossFit intended for

To give a proper answer to this question, everyone should ask him/herself first, what his/her personal goal is. To become a professional runner or a muscular bodybuilder, other training methods might be more suitable. 

But should the goal be to increase the overall fitness, then few training concepts can compete with the possibilities and diversity CrossFit has to offer.

Beginners should get a good coach first, as even simple exercises such as push-ups are often not performed correctly.

Some exercises such as pull-ups might be quite difficult for a newbie, bit the CrossFit portfolio offers enough alternatives for each fitness level.

Giving CrossFit a try is highly recommended to all those gym members that are bored by the dull training on the butterfly machine.

How to train CrossFit correctly

Whether wrong or right, you have to start somewhere. No one is born a master. 

The best part about CrossFit is the community. I’ve often seen how members of a CrossFit box organize parties and BBQs. 

New members are given a warm welcome while they are introduced to the philosophy of CrossFit. Those who are more advanced are always happy to help newbies to correct mistakes

It’s important to train intelligently. Exercises are often complex and should only be perfected before repetitions or weight are increased.

CrossFit Training Plan

20x for beginners
50x for advanced 

  • 20/50x jumps with pulled up knees
  • 20/50x squats
  • 20/50x swings with a kettlebell
  • 20/50x deadlifts with a barbell
  • 20/50x sit-ups

On you’ll find new WODs every day and can get inspiration for new CrossFit training plans.

We hope you’ve rocked the 3dots challenge and are having a lot of fun with our app. We would be stocked to get your feedback or a review in the App or Play Store!

Your Timo Sven Bauer

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