Pilates das optimale Ganzkörpertraining für zuhause

Easy Pilates Workout - a Beginners Guide

Melanie Klien - Fitness

Start your first pilates session in only a couple of minutes - Easy exercises for your home workout.

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Eigenen Schweinehund überwinden und aktiv Sport machen

Overcoming Yours Inner Laziness

Kerstin Hübner - Fitness

5 tips and tricks to willingly do more sport.

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Einfache Fitnessübungen für zuhause, optimal für Anfänger

Simplest Fitness Exercises for the Home

Bernadette Wurzinger - Fitness

The Best and Simplest Fitness Exercises for the Home.

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die besten Fitness Apps

These Fitness Apps Will Get You Truly Fit

Jennifer Valdes - Fitness

We introduce you to the 3 best fitness apps from the 3dots test.

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Discovering the 5 Tibetans

Jennifer Valdés - Fitness

The way to more energy in 15 minutes! We show you the legendary exercises.

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Fit and Healthy in 10 Minutes - It's This Easy!

Lara Schreiber - Fitness

Want to get fit and slim from the comfort of your home? Here are the most effective workout videos.

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Für alle denen Skifahren zu langweilig ist, wir haben Alternative Wintersportarten

3 Winter Sports Alternatives to Ski and Snowboard

Jana Mironowitz - Fitness

Skiing is too boring for you? Here are 3 Wintersport Alternatives with a an extra portion adrenaline.

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HIIT Training ist ein absolutes Vollgastraining

HIIT - A High-Intensity Workout That BITES

Anna Hagley - Fitness

HIIT is a HIGH-INTENSIVE WORKOUT that will easily test your limits. BUT NO PAIN NO GAIN.

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Haushaltsarbeiten lassen sich mit den richtigen Tipps zu einem effektiven Workout umgestalten

Tidy house lean body - Get fit cleaning up!

Jennifer Valdés - Fitness

Cleaning up can make you fit: How to turn your housework into a workout!

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Yoga Poses - Get To Know Your Favorite Pose

Pia P. Prosser - Fitness

Yoga poses can be seen all over Social Media - Which one would you like to learn?

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