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  • Hobbys:

    I love dancing Hip Hop. Seven years ago I became part of a dance crew. During the last three years I started to care more and more about fitness, nutrition and health. This development also influenced my career choice. I love meeting up with friends and spending time with the family. I enjoy traveling and am very lucky to get around quite a bit with the dance crew and my job in network marketing.

  • About me:

    I am a very open-hearted person and I try to give 100 % for everything I do. Positivity is my motto. I am studying engineering and am about to write my thesis. Besides classes, I work almost full-time in the fitness and nutrition area. I am always happy to inspire people and make them part of my team. If you are interested, send me a message!

  • 3dots is great because:

    I am a dots model, because I want to motivate people to work out more and eat better. I am convinced that this is the key to health and happiness.

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